1st Player BD1 Gaming Chair with Footrest - Free Delivery

• High Quality Leather
• Sturdy Rotational Base
• Massage Lumbar Pillow
• Leisure Footrest
Brand: 1st Player
Warranty: 1 Year Repairable
Availability: On Order Only

Tired After A Battle? Just Lie Down & Relax

The waist bag is equipped with a 2-point massage, USB interface, switch control

Hidden leisure footrest, able to bend, stretch, and retract freely

Full steel Iron Frame

Professionally detailed paint, german racing welding technology, inherited racing pedigree.

High-Quality Leather

Thunderbolt stitching, wear & tear resistant and sturdy.

Detachable Headrest Waist Cushion

Ergonomic design with ridge curve, designed to support waist & back, creating an immersive sitting feeling.

Class 3 Safety Gas Lift

Pure nitrogen, tube wall thickness.

Soft PU Wrapped Racing Wheel

Silent and wear-resistant 98000 times sliding durability adjustment tested.

Max Weight: 160 kg

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