Bloody B1700 NEON Gaming Desktop Keyboard Mouse Black

A great value bundle featuring the legendary B1700 Neon Membrane Gaming Keyboard, RGB Esports Gaming Mouse & Mouse Mat to get you gaming in no time.
Adjustable Backlights
Multimedia Hot-Keys
Game Mode
1ms Key Response
Brand: Bloody
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Rs. 8,300

Adjustable Backlights

Lighting Effects: FN + F12 ( Solid / Breathing / Off ) Brightness: FN + ↑ / ↓

Multimedia Hot-Keys

Press FN + F1 ~ F7 to apply multimedia hotkeys. Mute, volume - / +, play / pause, stop, previous / next track.

Game Mode

Press Fn+F8 will disable "Window" keys to avoid interruption during the game session.

1ms Key Response

Instantaneous execution is guaranteed with the 1000 Hz ultrapolling technology, giving you a response time of ultra-fast 1ms.

Elite Bloody KeyDominator Software

Create your own macro keys with the Bloody KeyDominator software available for downloads at

Macro Button

Click the [M] button to switch RGB lighting effects. The [M] key can be customized as other macro functions through the software.

6000 CPI Adjustable

Adjustable resolution 1000/1200/1600/2000/6000 CPI.

Button Lifetime

Extreme quality offer over 10 Million clicks guaranteed.

Metal X'Glide Armor Feet

Patented metal feet are super durable and smooth on any surface.

Braided Cable

Sensitive and tangle-free cable provides durability.

Precision Tracking

Made of premium-textured cloth mouse pad ensures smoother mouse control and pinpoint accuracy.

Durable Stitched Edges

Durable and delicate stitched edges. Prevent abrasion, deformation, and degumming.

Easy Clean

Just use a wet cloth or tissue to wipe it off the surface, very easy to clean and dries easily.

Non-Slip Design

A special non-slip design for the backside increases friction resistance with the desktop.

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