DarkFlash Aigo Warrior AK600 Max RGB 600W Power Supply

Product Code: AK600
Brand: AIGO
Warranty: 3 Months
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DarkFlash AK600


Power 600 watts, suitable for high-end computer configuration. Comply with Intel ATX12V specification design, support Intel, AMD full range Energy efficient silent fan Built-in PFC, dual magnetic ring magnetic amplifier circuit, high frequency low resistance filter capacitor, Ensure that the current is pure and stable 12cm hydraulic bearing fan, quiet and durable, large air volume. Intelligent temperature control circuit design, automatically adjust fan speed, extend service life. Large speaker capacity, large capacity, support for wide use, can still be used under unstable voltage environment general. Multi-function protection circuit design, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, under voltage, short circuit,
Light protection Innovative pest control technology design.



Power supply size: 140mm * 150mm * 86mm

Power standard: ATX 12V

Applicable to CPU range: AMD, Intel

PFC type: active PFC

Maximum power: 600W

Efficiency: 80%

Input voltage: 160V-264V
+ 3.3V output current 20A
+ 5V output current 15A
+ 12V1 output current 48A
– 12V output current 0.3A
+ 5Vsb output current 2.5A

Support wide voltage: Yes

Support temperature control PWM: Yes

Certification: CB, CCC, FCC, Class, B, CE, ROHS

Product weight: 1900g

Support power: 20P / 24P motherboard

Power Output Design: Multiplex + 12V

IDE interface: 2

SATA interface: 4

CPU interface: P4 + 4

Video card interface: (6PIN + 2)* 2

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